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We offer a wide range of services ranging from bridal gown alterations to simple pants hems.

No matter what you may need altered we strive to accomplish it! 

We also have a selection of garters, veils, jewelry, and mother's dresses.


Prices are quoted upon fitting and are subject to change. 

Bridal Gowns

Basic bridal gown alterations start at $350 and will be quoted upon arrival

More advanced modifications may cost more such as adding a layer of fabric, lace hems, or complete reconstructions, etc.

Formal Wear

Quotes will be given at fittings dependent upon what you need done.


Hand Sewn Hems: $20

Machine Sewn Hems: $15

Jean Hems: $20

Cuffed Hems: $25

Waist Adjustments (In or Out): $20

Tapper Legs: $40

Replacing Zippers: $25


Split Sleeves: $35

Plain Sleeves: $30

Hem Jacket: $65

Size Adjustments Through Sides: $65

Replacing Coat Zippers: $30 plus the cost of the zipper

Body Tapering or Taking in Back: $30.00

Various Repairs: $15-$40


Taper: $25

Shorten Sleeves: $20

Raise Shoulders: $20

Add Darts: $20


Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride: Start at $15

Bridal Gowns: Start at $65, the more layers your dress has the higher the cost

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